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Senator Paul G. Pinsky

Senator Paul G. Pinsky

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Senator Pinsky is known as the state’s policy leader in both the environment and education. He was elected to the Maryland Senate in 1994 after two terms in the House and now serves as the chair of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. He authored the state’s landmark Healthy Air Act and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act. In addition to his policy leadership in K-12 education, Senator Pinsky engineered passage of statewide legislation to provide free community college tuition for children of working and middle income families pursuing a degree or job certification. Senator Pinsky has spent over forty years working in education, from teaching to representing teachers to developing education policy. He is a member of the Kirwan Commission which is responsible for restructuring state school funding and building a world-class educational system in Maryland. An advocate for social justice, he works to eliminate racial disparity and income inequality and is a leading champion for a single payer, Medicare-for-all program. To reduce the influence of big money in politics, Senator Pinsky has fought for public financing of elections. Locally, Senator Pinsky has played a key part in the 22nd district’s economic growth and revitalization and was an early proponent of the Purple Line. Click here to find out more >>