About Us

Mindful of the relationship between creative education and the creative development of our community, Art Works Now remains committed to teaching art technique, encouraging each student to “see” in their own way, and providing multiple opportunities to explore, express and demonstrate their vision. We offer a “blank canvas” for every student to develop their individual creativity. We provide the tools, techniques, and a great studio space, along with instruction that encourages creative exploration, and peers for encouragement and collaboration.

Our Vision

Art Works Now envisions a world where all people explore and engage in creative practices that transform their lives and their communities.

Our Mission

Art Works Now builds and nurtures community through inclusive visual arts and social justice experiences

Our Guiding Values

Compassion, Equity, Inclusion, Integrity, Joy

Our History

Art Works Now was founded by Barbara Johnson after recognizing the need for a new approach to visual arts education. Established in Mount Rainier, MD in 2011, Art Works Now has expanded its range of classes and refined its mission. We believe that art works, on both the individual and community levels. By providing an avenue for students to envision, create, and exhibit their artwork, we are able to realize this vision in a tangible and holistic way.