Donor Newsletter — Summer 2019 Edition


Look what you did! 

Your support made a real difference in the lives of our students and those in our community. Because of you, we were able to bring campers back for another summer full of artmaking, organize a collaborative art project for our community members, and initiate a new program for our older adults. THANK YOU! Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to since our last newsletter and a glimpse at what’s coming up this fall!



Calling All Creators!

Our campers had a phenomenal summer!

This summer we shared our studios with 432 campers, ages 5 to 12 years old. These kids came from 87 different area schools in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and the District of Columbia. Each week’s art projects focused on a different theme. Some of our favorite projects were: creating instruments from found objects, a shadow puppet show, stop-action videos, public art sculptures, and mixed-media collages. 

This summer our kid artists...

  • Worked in a wide variety of art mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, and video.

  • Visited amazing places like Riversdale Mansion, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Brentwood Arts Exchange, Pyramid Atlantic, and Community Forklift.

  • Created art about important issues like environmental sustainability, mindfulness, and seeking out the creativity in the minutiae of everyday life.

  • Exhibited their original works of art in gallery shows visited by parents, friends, teachers, and AWN staff alike!

  • Enjoyed water days every week and lots of outdoor playtime with old and new friends! 

Overall, we had an awesome art-filled summer!


Community Arts Activated!


In June, Art Works Now hosted a community arts project, led by Dr. Margaret Walker of the University of Maryland. This project culminated in a mural installation on our fence—you’ve got to come to check it out!  Artists ranging in age, from toddlers to older adults, created something truly inspiring. Using nontraditional materials, participants were able to add their individual stories and tie them together into one message. Special thanks to Dr. Walker, her team from the Art Education department at the University of Maryland, and the City of Hyattsville for partnering with us on this project!



Everyone Is An Artist!

In our last newsletter, we announced the launch of the pilot program of our new Creative Aging visuals arts program which will be taking place at Art Works Now this fall. In partnership with the National Guild for Community Arts Education, Lifetime Arts, Inc., Aroha Philanthropies, and the Moca Foundation, Painting FUNdamentals, launched on September 12th with full enrollment! Our students will dive into the basics of color theory and learn to create paintings that convey meaningful messages. Students will become familiar with artmaking tools, build confidence in their skills as artists, and exchange ideas and experiences with peers. And a special shout out of thanks to the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council for supporting the design phase of this exciting new program!