Hyattsville is Home

Photograph by Juliana Molina

This summer Art Works Now and The City of Hyattsville have partnered to bring art to the Seniors of Hyattsville, Maryland. Teaching artists Leslie Holt and Beth Baldwin meet every week with a wonderful group of seniors at the Hyattsville Municipal Building. Together they have explored portraiture, collage, sculpture, watercolor painting, and they are currently creating an illustrated cookbook!

One Hyattsville Senior said, "I've loved doing the projects, especially learning about water colors and the different textures. I love tapping into my creativity because I can't draw a cat, but I'm learning!"
Leslie Holt says, "I love this program! Hyattsville seniors continue to wow me with their creativity and skills! What I enjoy most is witnessing the sense of community develop in the classroom week after week. They are interested in each other's work, encouraging of their fellow classmates, and also engage in good natured teasing and bantering from time to time. While the atmosphere is supportive and fun, they take the art quite seriously. Some are experienced artists and crafters, and some are trying art for the first time in many years. A wonderful mix of folks!"

Photograph by Juliana Molina

We are excited to announce the continuation of the Hyattsville is Home program during the oncoming year.

Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth says, "The value of the senior summer art camp is immeasurable. It reminds us of the importance of taking a moment to create, no matter your age or ability. I'm happy that the City of Hyattsville has been able to provide that space and opportunity for our seniors and am excited that we'll be able to continue this program into the Fall."

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