Founders Blog - Creative Day

It’s been a little over a month since the Art Works board of directors approved the Creative Day Policy where full time salaried staff at Art Works are urged to work 72 hours, create or learn for 8 hours, and get paid for 80 hours per pay period.

I have taken two creative days during this time. The policy is life changing.

Turning off the world to actually do a Creative Day is not easy (at least in the beginning). But the results are magical. I am an artist and have been an artist for over thirty years. My studio practice has been fundamental to my existence for most of my life. Setting that practice aside to create and develop Art Works has been the most wonderful professional experience of my life. My work at Art Works energizes and excites me. My studio practice renews and connects me. It was important that I find a way to have both in my life again.

I proposed the Creative Day to our board because everyone who works at Art Works is an artist or working on creative change in their lives. Looking deeply into my own needs made me consider the needs of my coworkers. I realized if working in my studio makes my life and work better, wouldn’t I want to work with people whose lives were being supported by their creative practices?

The board did not have to be convinced – they unanimously and wholeheartedly embraced the idea immediately.

I am proud to be part of a growing organization that is looking for ways to make sure that art works for everyone. And the bonus…I’m learning to knit!

Barbara Johnson,
Founder and Executive Director
Art Works Now