Founders Blog - Art Works for Everyone.

A lot of people think that Art Works is just for kids. We do love our young artists. And we spend a lot of time and energy designing curriculum that is fun and educational for them.

What we haven’t talked about as often is that art works for everyone. Over this past year we have had the great fortune of working with some brilliant teaching artists. These artists have experience teaching painting, drawing, and sculpture for all ages and many are also currently teaching at the college level. They have spent the past year teaching our kids, in creative and innovative ways, about a variety of materials and techniques along with important social issues.

It’s time our kids share these great teachers with the rest of us! I can’t tell you how many times we hear parents say (and we say ourselves) “I want to take a class with that teacher!” or “I want to learn to do that!”

So I’m really excited that this fall we will be offering a number of new classes for adults. We’ll be offering classes in felting (it’s this really cool way of making things using wool without having to know how to weave or anything!), drawing, and functional hand-built ceramics (we have to wait until we’re in our new space to get those wheels you’ve been asking about and hand-built stuff is really fabulous).

We’ll be hosting a monthly figure drawing workshop on Friday nights and our weekly drop-in “Oh Yes, It’s Ladies’ Night” will offer busy women a chance to have a night out to make art in a variety of materials, share some wine, and enjoy excellent conversation.

Of course, I can’t write this much without saying something about our kids’ programs! We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Kids Create afternoon programs to (of course!) include our super popular Kids Create with Clay on Mondays along with new offerings like Kids Create with Paint and Kids Create with Drawing Skills! And Toddler Time is a weekly Friday morning staple!

We’re so excited to begin this year with our wonderful teachers you all know – Bonnie, Juliana, Leslie, and Lindsay, and new great teachers like Melissa, Liz and Ashley along with new programs and classes. I hope you’ll avail yourself to some of these and do a little something for yourself. Remember, art works…and it’s really fun too!

Barbara Johnson,
Founder and Executive Director
Art Works Now