A day at Kids Create with POWER. Guest Blogger

“I am using a Coping Saw on this 1¼” dowel, Mr. Nehemiah,” says Molly, who is 10 but will soon be 11, as she assures me.  Molly clamps the dowel to a 1”x4” base that was pre-drilled and is clamped to the table. She pointed to her sketch of the Beatles themed Marti Gras float she’s designed and explains her drawing to me, “This shows three vantage points: the top view, a side view, and a front view. This row is taller than that row so you can see all the letters.”

All of the elementary aged artists are wearing their safety goggles while they drill, measure, and cut. “This is the coolest class ever!” said Janet the intern. “These kids are so awesome!”

Over at the miter box, Molly skillfully saws away at her 1x4” base.  “I Love The Beatles!” she exclaims to the teacher, Mr. Peter (aka Peter McClintock, a Hyattsville resident, veteran craftsman, and seasoned woodworker).

Watching these kids become experts who are comfortable with tools is the point of this class. Witnessing their joy as they build sculptures is just one of the many perks of being Program Director at Art Works Now.

Video by Lark Dixon

Nehemiah Dixon III holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has been a teaching artist in the Gateway Arts District for the past five years. Art Works Now celebrates our great fortune of working with Nehemiah as our Managing Director as we look forward to the exciting opportunities of the coming years.