School Psychology Awareness Week, Connect the Dots. Guest Blogger

Written by Aileen Beringer

Hanging 253 square tiles in a grid is no easy task; throw in a fever, antibiotics, cold medicine, and a lung destroying cough and the whole task becomes even more daunting.  In honor of hanging my first show at Art Works Now, here are 5 things I learned:

1.) Assume nothing is level; not walls, floors, baseboards, nothing. Because that would just make everything far too easy.

2.) Always take the extra time to find the level.  No matter how good you think you are at hanging things straight, something weird will happen (see #1) and your once straight rows will soon resemble a roller coaster for children.

3.) Double, triple, quadruple check your math, call your most recent math teacher and have them check your math.  The great lie of art school is that math doesn’t matter, let me tell you math really starts to matter after you've miscalculated and have to pull dozens of nails out the wall because you haven’t been in a math class for 5 years.

4.) Asking for help is not a sign of failure.  Whether you can’t think straight because the aforementioned bronchitis and mystery infection, or you are out of your depth, asking for or accepting help doesn't make you bad at your job. It makes you entirely human and it will save you time, headache, and nails.

5.) Tiny humans are awesome at making art.  Their level of introspection and creativity is astounding and beautiful. Hanging their work was intensely moving.  Through their visual art works and accompanying stories, the children represented in the show, embody what we we hope for with all our programs.  To see that on the walls of our gallery is very special.       

Through the teamwork of the Prince George's County School Psychologists' Association, the lovely people at Urgent Care, and the entire team at Art Works Now, Connect the Dots opening reception was a wonderful event and a great way to kick off my time at Art Works Now.

Come see Connect the Dots at Art Works Now at our Gingerbread House Holiday Hullabaloo Dec 12th 12:00pm - 3:00pm.

Aileen Beringer