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Art Party

Celebrating birthdays and special events at Art Works Now is always a fun and care-free choice!
Make art and new memories with loved ones, we’ll clean up the mess.

If you would like to hold a celebration here, but would either not like an art activity, or are celebrating someone
who is outside of the ages of 3-13 years, please visit out Space Rental page.


Here’s what others have to say about it…

It was a lot of fun! [Our party host] was great and very helpful. Our guests had a great time.
— Art Party Parent
[Our party] was a total blast and worth every penny. Service was phenomenal. [Our hosts] were awesome!
— Art Party Parent
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Track & Tread

Turning Ages 3 - 5 years

Party participants use trucks, construction vehicles, off-roaders, and race cars to create a unique painting. A variety of vehicles are driven through non-toxic, washable tempera paints onto paper! This engaging painting process encourages exploration using non-traditional painting methods. Vehicles reveal unique patterns, images and unique color interactions. A well loved choice, this activity can be used to make multiple pieces.

$265 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child


Magnificent Monoprints

Turning Ages 6 - 12 years

Expect the unexpected, no two prints are ever alike! Party guests will use GelliArt plates to create a rich, complex arrangement of color and patterns. Party guests press textured materials, tools and shapes into the GelliArt plate which adds layers of surprise as you mono-print.

$265 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child

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Bite-Size Delicacies

Turning Ages 9 - 13 years

Donuts, sushi, pizza - oh my! Party guests will learn about the art of miniature food making! Each party guest will design their own personal visual menu and then create miniature food sculptures. Everyone will have a choice of mini food container. These little pieces of art will look good enough to eat - but don’t these are made of a no bake polymer clay.

$300 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child

Some of our Party Themes…

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Ready, Set, Paint

Turning Ages 3 - 5 years

This party offers a unique freestyle perspective to painting. Party guests collaboratively create unique paintings through a variety of methods. Toothbrushes, ping-pong balls, yarn, sticks, sponges and more! Guests are encouraged to splatter, stamp and use their hands as painting tools. Expect to get MESSY! (Materials include: non-toxic washable tempera paints, paper and a variety of painting tools) Party guest can make multiple masterpieces!

*Set-up for this party includes large tables that are laid out flat on the floor with large canvas drop cloth underneath.

$265 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child

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Design Your Own Printing Plate

Turning Ages 8 - 12 years

Discover one of the most ancient art forms, printmaking. This party is all about the process - guests will design their own print, transfer the design, ink the plate using a brayer and then print and reveal! Every guest will take home their printing plates and multiple prints.

$275 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child


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Wax & Water,
the art of resistance

Turning Ages 4 - 10

Age 4 - 6: Magic abounds when party guests use “invisible” wax crayons; secret images, shapes and patterns appear when guests paint on top with liquid watercolor. Our young guests will be able to make make multiples. Please choose one for your party focus: abstract or crazy creatures

Ages 7 - 10: Older guests will use “invisible” wax, oil pastels and liquid watercolors to create a vibrant composition. Each party can pick a general theme to explore. Please choose one for your party focus: underwater seascape, tranquil mandala’s or futuristic cityscapes. Everyone leaves with a unique painting!

$265 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child

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Dodo Birds and Dinosaurs

Turning Ages 4 - 7 years

Sketch and sculpt a dodo bird or dinosaur that has yet to been discovered! Party participants will use their imaginations to create a three dimensional sculpture. Each guest will use white model magic to shape the body and features; then add details such as feathers, sequins, googly eyes and more to create a one of a kind creation! (This party could be themed around mythical creatures too!)

$275 for party of 10 children, additional children at $15/child



Above is a sample schedule for a party running from 1pm-3pm

  • All Art Parties are two hour events.

  • Party Throwers are welcome to arrive up to 30 minutes before the start of their party to set up refreshments and decorations.

  • All decorations brought must be removed and carried out at the end of the party.

  • Party guests must depart by the end time of the party.

  • Party Throwers have 15 minutes after the end time to collect their belongings and depart.

Additional Information:

After submitting in your request, our Program Coordinator will contact you. Please allow up to three business days for a response.

If your date and time are confirmed, you will receive an invoice for your deposit: non-refundable $100, which goes towards the total cost of your event. Please see the bottom of your invoice for payment options.

A deposit and a signed contract are required to hold your place in the calendar.

Your final invoice will be sent the week of your event. Please be sure to check and confirm all information provided on the invoice.

To avoid overcharging, your designated Art Party Host will do a headcount of participating children during your party, and will charge you on site during your event for any additional children past the count of 10. Cash, card, or check are accepted. All cards accepted.

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