Scotlund Haisley

Paintings by Scoutlund Haisley

September 23, 2011 to October 22, 2011

Scotlund Haisley has devoted his life to protecting animals. He began his journey as a humane officer in the District of Columbia, and has since traveled the globe coming to the aid of animals in need.

As an artist, Haisley has been inspired by the powerful images of suffering and salvation he witnesses during his animal rescue work. He paints these images using a vivid color palate to capture the intensity of these scenes, and frequently adds a rustic element to his work by painting on salvaged antique ceiling tins. Haisley’s paintings often focus on his subject’s eyes, which act as a portal to the raw emotion depicted in his work.

In recent years, Haisley has expanded his work from issues of animal cruelty to a broader focus of varied topics of social justice. Along with Shepard Fairey, Ron English and hundreds of other prominent artists, Haisley participated in the January 2009 MANIFESTHOPE: DC Gallery show that celebrated the role that art plays in creating cultural momentum. Subsequently, Haisley participated in MANIFEST EQUALITY: LA in March of 2010. Again, hundreds of the nation’s most talented visual artists were gathered to celebrate and inspire a call-to action around an issue of social justice; full and equal rights for all Americans with no exceptions. Haisley’s work was also shown in New York City at the October 2010 RE:FORMSCHOOL exhibit established to promote fixing ailing public school systems across America.

Haisley is currently the President and Founder of Animal Rescue Corps [ARC]. In this post Haisley has tapped into his extensive experience to lead ARC in its mission to end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, and to inspire the highest ethical standards toward animals. Before founding ARC, Haisley was the Senior Director of Emergency Services at The Humane Society of the United States [HSUS] during which time he oversaw the rescue of more than 50,000 animals. Prior to working at HSUS, Haisley was the Executive Director of the Washington Animal Rescue League. As Director, Haisley designed and constructed a revolutionary shelter facility that has set a new standard for animal care worldwide.