Pizzeria Paradiso and Art Works Now donated over 35,000 pizzas & mandala coloring sheets to the community since the beginning of the 10,000 Pizza project in April 2020.

Pizzeria Paradiso and Art Works Now remain committed to serving our community through programs addressing food insecurity and creativity.

We will continue our programming in 2022 by helping to launch an augmented wrap-around services program with other area businesses and non-profits which will include food and art.

Together, and with your help, we continue to nourish body and soul.

Want to support us?

Donate to 10,000 Pizzas to nourish body & soul of those in need:

Mandala Coloring Sheets

Want your artwork featured on our upcoming gallery page?
Photograph your work and email it to nori@artworksnow.org or use the hashtag #10000pizzas on social media.

Download & print them out here:


This project is possible thanks in part to our sponsors: